10 months ago

Yoko Kanno Has Most Likely Cultivated Your Music Taste

In this episode we talk about the Japanese music composer, Yoko Kanno, an extremely talented musician who has probably worked on one of your favorite videogame or anime soundtracks. She’s most recognized for her work on the extensive Cowboy Bebop soundtrack—consisting of 7 albums total! She has dynamic range in crossing musical genres and impeccable skill in composing songs for film and TV. We discuss the impact of her success along with talking about some of our favorite songs from her work in anime; such as, The Ghost in The Shell, Space Dandy, Turn A Gundam, Macross Plus, & Wolf’s Rain


Bonus Features theme music - Felel

Music composed by Yoko Kanno :

“Pulse” – Macross Plus OST

“Bad Dog, No Biscuits” – Cowboy Bebop OST

“Inner Universe” – Ghost in The Shell: The Stand Alone Complex OST

“Moon” – Turn A Gundam OST

“X-Jigen e Yōkoso (Welcome to The Xth Dimension)” – Space Dandy OST

“Strangers” – Wolf’s Rain OST